Photograph of Oliver Darwin

Oliver Darwin

Investment Analyst

Prior to joining OIF, I spent two years in Bank of America’s investment banking team, advising some of Australia’s most notable companies on mergers and acquisitions, and capital markets transactions.

Lessons to live by

Focus only on that which you can control, don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good, and always strive to act with integrity above all else.

on the lookout for

I think there is significant opportunity for innovation across all sectors as the convergence of trends such as Web3, AR/VR & 5G fundamentally reshapes the way in which we exist and interact with each other in digital worlds.

lasting impact

I am incredibly optimistic about technology’s ability to create meaningful societal advancement. I would like to feel as though I have been able to contribute to that, and that we have inspired future generations to want to do the same!

Great businesses provide society with what they want but do not yet know how to get – in order to create this, a founder should be driven by a strong mission based on their own life experiences, coupled with determination, resilience, and an unwavering confidence in their vision.

Oliver Darwin