Photograph of Laurence Schwartz

Laurence Schwartz

Investment Team

I began my career in commercial law, focused on M&A, capital markets and early stage technology investing. I've also co-founded two venture backed technology companies, InsideSherpa and Earnd.

I then was lucky enough to spend several years in New York developing strong relationships with top tier US VCs and investors who have successfully co-invested with OIF Ventures.

Lessons to live by

People make the difference. Whether it’s your team, customers or business partners make sure you invest in these relationships and genuinely give your best to make a meaningful positive impact on their lives.

on the lookout for

Every aspect of our lives – both personal and business – will be fundamentally changed by technology in the next five to ten years.

We are at the very beginning of a long arc of innovation, creativity and technological transformation. I am inspired every day by the exceptional founders we meet building wonderfully innovative businesses.

Australia in particular has emerged as a powerhouse of technological innovation and I am exceptionally excited for this continued growth and change – ultimately that is the one constant.

lasting impact

That I was remembered as someone with the utmost integrity who added value as a husband, father, brother, friend, business partner and investor. And that I created value and had some fun doing it.

Passion, grit, determination, focus, humility, integrity and leadership. I also think to myself whether that founder has the potential to attract, retain and engage the best team, customers and capital

Laurence Schwartz