Photograph of Kevin Wilson

Kevin Wilson

Investment Team

I’ve spent most of my career doing deals – mostly in Tech, across the investment lifecycle from origination to exit, and from angel rounds through to large IPO’s, PE and trade sales across Australia, North America and Europe. I’ve worked in leveraged finance, investment banking, private equity, venture capital and large SaaS. Before joining OIF in January 2023, I was Global Head of Corporate Development at Xero and was previously Head of Technology Investment Banking at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in Australia.

I love investing in and working with incredible founder-led technology businesses and helping where I can to enable them to achieve their vision. I’m so excited to be doing exactly that with the incredible team of investors and founders at OIF.

Lessons to live by

So many. Here are a few…  

  • Surround yourself with smart, interesting and humble people that you love working and spending time with
  • Develop a collaborative high performance and fun culture where everyone pulls towards common goals
  • It’s impossible to be an expert in everything, but make sure you know who the experts are and can draw on specific relevant expertise, whether in your team or your network, when you need it
  • “It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit”

on the lookout for

We are still so early in the journey in terms of the impact technology will have on every aspect of our lives, so we have a very broad focus at OIF. It’s been incredible to observe and be a part of the exponential growth in the Australian tech ecosystem and I believe we are very well placed to continue to help solve some of the biggest global challenges and improve the world we live in.

lasting impact

To have an enduring positive impact on all those I interact with, especially those closest to me.

I look for founders who have: a unique insight or edge; huge ambition and vision but a focused, measured, commercial approach to achieving it; a product and customer obsession; the ability to build great teams and culture; strong values and integrity; and seemingly unassailable self-belief, energy and persistence, but are also deeply human, humble and open to feedback, other ideas, and changing track if needed.

Kevin Wilson