Joshua Bolot

Joshua Bolot

Investment Committee Member

I have spent over two decades in corporate advisory & direct investments at Monash Private Capital, Investec Bank Australia & Deutsche Bank. I have enjoyed worked closely with several start-ups, particularly their initial growth capital needs. I am now Head of Principal Investments & Corporate Development at Mulpha Australia, one of Australia’s most experienced real estate and hospitality investors with highly specialised operational management and development capability.

Lessons to live by

One never knows where life leads. The world, and particularly the business world, is far smaller than you think. Try not to burn too many bridges along the way. And if you are going to burn a bridge, try (as much as you can at the time) to think it through beforehand.

on the lookout for

Unfortunately, I’m no clairvoyant. When I think of the outlook I’m reminded of the old proverb that “necessity is the mother of invention”. This means ultimately the biggest opportunity in tech will be where a product or service is sought out by strong and sustainable demand, and ultimately someone is paying for it to generate an appropriate risk adjusted return for stakeholders. Strangely, that’s not just a tech thing.

lasting impact

That I’ve disappointed every other person who has received a “World’s Best Dad” mug and thought it was made for them.

Beyond technical or subject matter expertise, a founder should have a balance of alignment, self-awareness, openness to feedback, consideration for other perspectives and integrity in actions. Energy, passion and determination are all well and good, but we all come with different business and life experiences. Leadership often involves synthesising these in order to build great teams and lasting companies.

Joshua Bolot