Photograph of Geoff Levy AO

Geoff Levy AO

Investment Team

I began my career in law, as a partner Freehills, and have significant experience in venture capital, investment banking, as previously the CEO and Chairman of Investec Bank Australia and principal of Wentworth Associates.

I’ve also held senior board positions for both listed and unlisted companies, and I’m currently the Chairman of Monash Private Capital.

Lessons to live by

You can make it happen, watch it happen or you can wonder what happened?
Our team at OIF, aim to help make it happen.

on the lookout for

I believe that the biggest disruptors are those technologies that simplify the user experience, and this will continue to be enhanced from next generation computing, applied AI and nanotechnology.

lasting impact

That my children remember me as someone who gave them good family values to live up to.

In a founder, I look for positive energy and tangible passions for their startup

Geoff Levy AO