Photograph of David Shein

David Shein

Investment Team

For over three decades, I’ve had the privilege of founding, mentoring and investing in exceptional start-ups, with a number of successful exits.

I sold the company I founded Com Tech Communications, for an enterprise value of over $1 billion - arguably Australia’s first tech unicorn. I also have extensive senior board experience, and in 2021, I published my first book, ‘The Dumbest Guy at the Table: How I Founded Australia’s First Unicorn’, drawing on my experience and to provide valuable advice to anyone looking to start a company.

Lessons to live by

There’s two principles I take with me:

  • Face reality as it is, not as it was or you wish it to be.
  • Change before you have to.

on the lookout for

When I meet a founder and begin to get to know them, I find myself asking myself:

  • Do they have the vision to execute on the problem they are looking to solve?
  • Are they a leader, not a manager?
  • Will they be willing to let others share in the success of the company and are they willing to let go, in order to grow?
  • Are they willing to make tough decisions?
  • And can they motivate a team to be the best that they can possibly be?

lasting impact

That I was remembered as someone with the utmost integrity who added value as a husband, father, business partner and investor.

For me, it’s simple. A founder needs to have integrity, grit, determination and vision

David Shein