Photograph of David Cohen

David Cohen

Group Finance Manager

I grew up in South Africa, and studied accounting at the University of Witwatersrand, and then achieved my CA.

Before I moved to Australia and joined OIF, I spent close to a decade working for an investment and alternative asset manager with investments in South Africa, the UK and the US.

Lessons to live by

Business is about service with a smile – if you have respect for your customers and team, produce a great product and have fun while doing it, opportunity and success will come.

on the lookout for

Over the next few years, the prevailing trend of digitisation across all industries will continue and will amplify through the software automation and Artificial Intelligence.

I then believe, that in the next decade, hardware advances through nanotechnology, robotics, IoT and additive manufacturing will see technology make the biggest impact in energy, health and food security.

lasting impact

To have future generations look back and be inspired by our achievements – not just the fact that we uploaded 18 billion hours of cat videos to YouTube.

I look for someone who has a clear vision for their company and what it can achieve, and above all, the firm will to get it there

David Cohen