Photograph of Andrew Yeo

Andrew Yeo

Investment Team

Most recently, I spent 2 years at AirTree Ventures investing in pre-seed to Series B startups. Prior to that, I worked in Atlassian’s Agile and DevOps Strategy and Biz Ops team, as a VP at EdTech startup Crimson Education, and in management consulting at PwC Strategy (formerly Booz & Co)

Lessons to live by

Build a product or firm that will outlive you and be valued by multiple generations to come

on the lookout for

AI powered everything, whether that be in SaaS workflow tools, cybersecurity solutions, autonomous vehicles, healthcare diagnostics, search, content creation and personalisation, customer service solutions, or whatever else is around the corner

lasting impact

That my investment in and support of founders and my relationships have a huge positive impact on their lives, businesses and society

A successful founder must have relentless ambition to achieve a big vision, deep insight into the customer pain points they are solving, an ability to attract talented people, and proven execution

Andrew Yeo