Photograph of Adam Goldschmidt

Adam Goldschmidt

Investment Team

Prior to joining OIF, I spent two years at UBS Investment Bank, advising some of Australia’s leading companies and financial investors on mergers and acquisitions and capital markets transactions spanning across the technology, media, telco and infrastructure sectors.

Lessons to live by

Don’t fear failure. Failure combined with critical reflection can result in some of the purest forms of business and personal growth. One must always takeaway some key learnings from mistakes they have made to future proof their business. Oh… and have fun, I’ve been told life is short so may as well enjoy the ride!

on the lookout for

Prevailing trends of sustainability requirements and rising input costs coupled with the continued digitisation across all industries will require companies to think about productivity advancements across core and non-core operations.  

I believe this will create various advancements and opportunities across all things related to workforce productivity software, Artificial Intelligence and Climate Tech. But I am no expert in predicting these things, otherwise I would be a billionaire investor already.

lasting impact

Nothing too crazy. Just to be loved and respected by those close and dear to me and hope that I have impacted their lives for the better in one way or another.

There’s no one size fits all answer, but key traits that I believe will contribute to founder success include, having deep expertise within the industry they are working in, resilience and coachability

Adam Goldschmidt