Say hello to OIF Ventures

OIF Ventures
FEBRUARY 28 2022

Say hello, we’re OIF Ventures

Your ambition amplified

Today we launch our refreshed brand. Whilst we have a new logo, our values and focus remain rock-solid: to add material value the founders we back, and work hard each and every day to ensure their success.

Founded in 2016 as Our Innovation Fund, with the ambition to be the go-to VC partner. Not the biggest, but the most respected.

In six years, we’ve backed exceptional founders, successfully exited two companies, manage circa $400m across two funds raised exclusively from the most impressive network of founders and operators and delivered market-leading returns to our investors (which includes us as well) who have trusted us with their hard-earned cash. Founder success is our mission, and we have, and always will have, deep conviction in the power of early stage technology founders and give our all to make them succeed.

For our team, it’s onwards and upwards, and the time is now to step out from under the radar, proud of the founders that we have backed, the value we have added, and the impact we have made.


Since we first started back in 2016, our focus has been ultimately on the Three F’s:

  • Founders: we succeed when the founders we back do exceptionally well
  • Fund: we’re focussed on generating attractive returns on the capital our Investors have entrusted with us
  • Fun: we want to back founders that know how to have fun and celebrate success, and that we enjoy working with

As we toyed with the idea of refreshing our identity, we knew that it was important to stay true to our roots, acknowledge our journey so far and build on these fundamentals, whilst creating something that would be the launchpad for the new era of OIF.

So, while we may have a new version of our name, a new modern logo and visual identity, our core values and focus remain as rock-solid as ever, and energised.

We’ve amplified. Our focus is laser sharp. Our diligence and commitment to our founders and investors remains front and centre. And striving to earn the respect of those we work with will forever be our MO.

Our refreshed identity captures our conviction, our actions and our why.


Open, accessible and always on a founder’s level, we understand founders, because we’ve been there. We care about what they care about and as a result, earn their trust as a partner that accelerates their ambitions in the good times and the bad.


Hands on, we highlight what matters, lifting the curtain on possibility, asking the right questions, opening doors and seeking answers together. Thoughtfully provocative, we encourage founders to set their sights high, make discoveries outside their own spheres of influence and support them as they level up.


With determination, we live and breathe the spirit of collaboration. Our approach is to do and say with a real sense of purpose and direction, inviting partnership and encouraging the benefits of shared experience.  


What’s in a name? This was something we debated a lot throughout. To modernise and move away from Our Innovation Fund? To evolve with OIF and build on the brand equity we’ve already accumulated? Take on a whole new name?

Ultimately, we believe strongly in evolving with OIF. We love the continuation, connectedness and sense of shaping together that the letter O symbolises. OIF represents Our Investors and Founders, the two groups of people for whom we are ambitious for and are determined to succeed for.

OIF Ventures is born.


Our logo is sharp and striking, yet always feels in a state of flux, iterating between a range of shapes which imbue a sense of movement even in static form.

It comes alive in motion where it blends from one form to the next feeling agile, adaptive and progressive — the qualities we seek in founders.

OIF LOGO: Frost* Collective


Energetic, vibrant but professional, and centred on the founders we back, amplifying their stories. That was the brief. And we did it.

With a primarily black and white palette, accented with bright green, it encapsulates our ambitions and momentum towards the future. Striking black and white portrait photography of our founders, overlaid with charcoal sketches that embody the qualities of partnership, momentum, challenge and determination.

COLOUR PALETTE: Frost* Collective



Founder success is our mission, and we’re devoted to rolling up our sleeves and adding material value, in a supportive, challenging, and guiding way. We let the stories and the experiences of our founders speak for themselves, and you can hear from Brent, Sam, Jodi, Scott and Kate on working with our team.


All of this was made possible by the most exceptionally talented group of people. What’s made this journey sweeter is that all are driven by purpose, unlocking potential and a strong sense of fun. Did we mention they are EXCELLENT to work with?

In no particular order ...


We are so grateful to the founders and investors that we work with and to all those who help us on our mission to add material value to the founders we back. We’ve had an incredible journey as Our Innovation Fund and we can’t wait to build on that bedrock in this next chapter as OIFVentures.

If you will it, it is no dream.